Practice Areas

Whatever your business needs, Traveland Law can assist you.  We represent businesses at all stages of growth.  We develop practical legal solutions for our clients and draft contracts in plain-English so that they are easy to understand.  We create standardized customer and supplier contracts to reduce legal fees for transactions that are in the ordinary course of their business.

Traveland Law represents clients in a variety of industries, including Internet, wholesale, retail, distribution, cosmetics, software, biotechnology, manufacturing, restaurants and real estate.  We have experience in a wide variety of industries and quickly learn our clients’ industries and businesses to better serve them.

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Our general corporate practice encompasses a wide range of legal services including the following:

Business Acquisitions, Sales & Mergers
Traveland Law assists clients in structuring, negotiating, documenting and closing transactions involving mergers, acquisitions, asset dispositions, recapitalizations and reorganizations of private companies.  We assist you with all phases of a transaction, including negotiations, drafting the letter of intent, conducting due diligence reviews and closing the transaction.  We also assist with post-closing integration of the business.

Business Formation & Planning
Traveland Law advises a variety of clients from the experienced entrepreneur to the first time business owner.  We work with each client to form an entity that will meet their needs and minimize taxes and expenses.  We ensure that each of our clients understands the legal requirements necessary for the formation and continuation of their business.  We have significant experience in the formation of C-corporations, S-corporations, limited liability companies, general partnerships, limited liability partnerships and professional entities. We provide advice on corporate governance matters, including the duties of a board of directors. We also advise corporate boards, individual directors, and board committees on their duties and responsibilities to the company and its shareholders.

Business Auditing
Periodically, it is imperative for business owners to evaluate their business practices to ensure they are using documents and procedures that will aid them in preventing future problems. As well, businesses need to ensure their documents are updated to reflect any changes in the law that might affect the agreements.  A Business Audit is a business’s most effective and least expensive means of practicing preventative law and determining potential legal issues before they arise.

At the request of a client, we will audit the business, review legal documents, review corporate policies and programs, review business records and analyze employment policies.  During the audit, we will identify potential legal issues and areas in which the client may improve its practices in order to help prevent future legal problems. We will draft personnel policies and procedures, including sexual harassment and other anti-discrimination policies, drug testing policies, and other affirmative action plans or policies required by state and federal law. We also review and improve form contracts used by the business.

Employment Law
Employment issues are inevitable for any business.  However, with sound employment practices and policies, potential problems can be lessened.  Traveland Law aids clients in all aspects of employment matters, including hiring practices, drafting of employment, confidentiality and non-compete agreements, hiring independent consultants, and establishing good employment policies. We will draft and negotiate employment agreements, termination agreements, and enforceable non-compete agreements. We advise employers on handling employment situations such as hiring, terminations, disability accommodations, and family and medical leave.

Commercial Transactions & Contracts
Traveland Law offers comprehensive legal services for all sizes of businesses.  We negotiate, draft and interpret all types of contracts, including licensing agreements, resale agreements, distribution agreements, employment agreements, and shareholder agreements.  We aid clients with general business issues with respect to their day-to-day operations of the business, including:

Business Loans, Financing & Leasing
Traveland Law represents businesses and financial intermediaries in capital-raising transactions, from early-stage venture financings for start-ups to public debt and equity offerings for seasoned issuers.  We are experienced in negotiating and drafting bridge loans, letters of credit, revolving credit facilities and term loans.