Traveland Law represents the vital interests of established companies and emerging businesses.  We focus on the realities of our clients’ continually evolving business needs. Whether we are working with entrepreneurs, a small start-up company or an established business, we respond to these issues with practical, cost-effective and innovative legal solutions.  We handle sophisticated legal and business issues, as well as every day issues for small to medium-sized businesses.

What sets us apart from our competitors? Clients state that it is our efficient service combined with our practical business knowledge and experience that is delivered with a depth and breadth of skill and attention typically found only at much larger firms.  We work closely with our clients to develop long term strategies for success in their business.  We approach our clients’ legal matters with a thorough understanding of the clients’ business, respond to each client’s needs in a timely manner, maintain communication with our clients to identify potential legal issues before they arise and identify practical and cost-effective solutions to problems.


We share our clients concerns about the cost, efficiency, and value of legal services.  Generally, the firm bills matters based upon standard hourly rates determined by the professional’s years of experience. The firm’s rates may be adjusted no more often than annually and any rate adjustments are incorporated into all existing Attorney-Client Agreements, which are automatically amended to reflect such adjustments. Some legal matters lend themselves to flat fee billing.  We will discuss such fees with you as those matters arise.  Filing fees, court costs, postage, messenger and other similar charges are billed separately at cost and are reflected on the client’s monthly invoice.  Unlike most law firms, we do not bill for routine costs of doing business, such as in-house photocopying, long distance, faxes or word processing.  For travel time for a client matter outside the DFW area, we bill at half the regular hourly rate, as such individual transportation precludes the professional from engaging in any representation.